Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Why do we need to leave earth to go to outer space? Almost every modern science fiction I came across have scenarios where human beings starts to spread beyond earth. Practically, the main reason for such exodus is the limitation of resources on earth. Space beyond earth is a huge source of minerals, energy and of course spaces (when the earth gets too crowded). The other reason is to spread out the human population in order to preserve our species from extinction in the event something bad happens to earth like asteroids knocking into it.

Therefore, the ultimate question is not whether we will spread beyond earth but when will we do it assuming our species live long enough.

Out of all our existing space activities, the only profitable category is in communication and spy satellites. This also explains why it has the most progress. Satellites make money. This encourages business enterprise to develop betters versions and launches more of it to space. Is that all we can do? Space around us is full of valuable minerals especially from the Asteroid Belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. If only this resources can be tapped, the human civilization will start to dominate the entire star system.

In order to do that, we have to resolve the many obstacles, which will require huge investments. I foresee the following necessities to be established:
  1. Develop cheap and efficient transport to move people and cargo up to the orbit.
  2. Building and assemble space stations to function as space ship manufacturing base.
  3. Identify suitable asteroids for mining.
  4. Establish mining system.
  5. Establish Space – Earth trade.


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