Friday, May 19, 2006

Preparations For War

The Security Council has unanimously voted to extend ISA’s representative powers at the Asteroid Belt. Preparations were made to build the Earth’s first Inter-planet military force. Soldiers were being recruited and trained in space warfare. The huge costs incurred were justified with potential tax returns from the Belt.
In order to array suspicion from the enemy, ISA agents disguised as pirates to harass trading ships around earth. Then ISA used this event to justify the expansion of its space fleet.
The best designers were recruited to design long-range battle ships. They were then built at the Orbital Stations.
The Administrators were monitoring all these developments from Mars Station 1.
They sensed something big was going to happen and began to employ the routine information gathering method. Instructions were then sent to the information gathering term contractor, which was spying agency run by Free Traders. After 30 days, a transmission was detected at Mars Station 1.
To: Albert Star Kim

Information Compilation Manager

Mars Station 1

The following is the information requested 30 days ago. As the information is guarded with high level of confidentiality, the gathering process involved high expenses. In accordance to our Term Contract Chapter 443 Section 54-C you are to reimburse us the full amount in 20 hours. Attached is the breakdown on the expenses in which most of it was used to bribe top officers in the International Space Authority, United Nations Secretariat and Top Space Shipyard.

Based on the information gathered, your suspicion is proven to be accurate. The UN has authorized the ISA to expand its powers to the Asteroid Belt. They intend to establish their government here and expect us to live by their rules and pay taxes to finance their space ships. In order to exert their authority they are now in the process of building a battle fleet. The fleet is scheduled to be operational in 2 years to coincide with the next Earth – Mars fly-pass.

Details Of Earth’s Battle Fleet

Dragon Class Battle Cruiser – 21 units.

The largest ships in the fleet after the Jupiter Class Mobile Storage. Each ship is about 10km long equipped with advanced sensors, nuclear reactor and nuclear weapon systems. In order words, this is a flying fortress. It is also a huge store, packed with soldiers and logistic support. Appendix C shows the full specifications of this ship.

After establishing their dominance (meaning getting rid of you guys.) Each of them will be stationed at different regions managed by a regional governor. But before that the ship captains are to take charge. The flagship – Fire Dragon is under the command of the Fleet Admiral, a guy by the name of Gary Von Barne. It also serves as the main administrative office.

Eagle Class Fighter – 150 units

These are the fighters. Each has the size of half of our conventional trading ship. Designed to operate at high speed and maneuverability, it can easily outrun every ship at this Belt. (So, this rules out any attempt to run away). It has the capacity of 10 crew and 50 soldiers. Weapon systems include nuclear missiles, high-speed projectiles and lasers.After establishing their rule, these ships will serve as patrol ships monitoring the region under their control.

Jupiter Class Mobile Storage – 10 Units

These are the storerooms. Each has the capacity to carry 20% of the fleet needs (energy, food, ammunitions, spare parts etc) for one earth-year. So in total, not counting the supplies from the Phoenix Class Battle Cruisers, the fleet has a 200% factor of safety for one earth-year supplies.

Swallow Class Sensor Drones – 800 units

Robotic sensor drones. They are the smallest in the fleet. Equipped with highly sensitive sensors and advanced computer systems allow these drones to respond automatically in the event communication with the mother ship cuts off. Only weapon is laser-guided guns.

Their function is to form a protective layer to envelop the fleet to guard against any ambush.

Battle Formations and Strategies

The research of the above was still ongoing when we were gathering information. Quantum-Cray, Earth’s most powerful supercomputer is still simulating every possible attack from the enemy (that’s you) and formulate counter-strategies. So, whatever strategies you are thinking of, you better be smarter than the machine.

Political System

After establishing their rule, only the flagship with its escort fighters will remain at Mars Station 1. The rest of the 20 Battle Cruisers will spread over to control different settlement regions. Their main objective will be to get your records to facilitate their administrations. They will also face high pressure from their masters on Earth to collect enough taxes.

What to do?

This is your problem. Their whole purpose can be summarized into 2: taxing us and getting rid of you. While we, InfoGatherer Pte Ltd will fully prefer you, the Administrators than those in the Earth Fleet to run this place, there is a limit of what a small company like us can do.

We wish you all the best in your greatest challenge ever. We also hope you can settle our outstanding claims so that we too can have sufficient resources to make our preparations.

Thank you.

Canon Bomber

Chief Information Gatherer

InfoGatherer Pte Ltd


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