Friday, May 19, 2006

The Rise Of International Space Authority

As the space colonies prosper, economy on Earth was moving to a new equilibrium. Agriculture was enjoying huge boom due to the high demands on their products especially coffee, tea and chocolates. Manufacturing industries like the manufacturers of space engines, ship hull, robots and reactors were the main casualties. They could not compete with the better quality products from the Belt and many had to close down.

The worst loss for Earth was brain drain. The idea of living in a space ship or even inside an asteroid became a romantic notion to many on earth. So, not only the poor who cannot find jobs on Earth wanted to migrate to the Belt, even the rich and successful professionals like lawyers, doctors, engineers and accountants find it tempting to move to the Belt.

Meanwhile, the International Space Authority (ISA) had been monitoring the progress of the colonies and repeatedly lobbied the United Nations for the mandate to bring order to the colonies. The petition had been rejected, as the nations had no intention to jeopardize trading relationship with the Belt and pay for cost of this “new order”.

Finally, the ISA submitted a decisive report that results in the first inter-planetary war.
To:His Excellency Secretary General Of The United Nations Of Earth
Members Of The Security CouncilHead Of States
We, the International Space Authority (ISA) are grateful for being bestowed with the honor of representing all people of Earth to bring peace and order to space around us. It is our responsibility to continue to do so and to ensure that the people of Earth will continue to live in peace, prosperity and freedom from any threat that comes from the sky above us. However, the latest developments at the Asteroid Belt reveal to us that we may not be able to live securely for long.
We have reliable evidence to conclude that the recent developments out there can cause serious repercussions that will spell the end of our peace, prosperity and freedom that we have enjoyed for so long. This evidence is currently stored in the memory chip at the cover of this report.

Before we present our findings, let us qualify by stating that we are not warmongers. We do not advocate any form of destruction and certainly not any killing of human lives. That does not mean we should not take initiative to prevent the development of any threat to us. What we would like to ask is for you to allow us to bring law and order to the people out there. Our purpose is to be the agency of the United Nations to bring law and order that is essential for our collective peace and prosperity.
Here is the introduction on them:
Who are they?
They are the space settlers. Since the last 2 centuries, the colonies have been expanding at an astronomical rate. Our intelligence estimates their population at 1 billion, which is about 10% of the current population on earth.
They live scattered throughout the Asteroid Belt and some even extended to the moons of Saturn. The manufacturing powerhouses are located inside a number of huge asteroids. We do not know what is inside them as our sensors are unable to penetrate into the rocks.

The vast majorities are nomads, living in their space ships trading with people they pass by.
Why are they a threat?
Because they are lawless. The closest thing they have that resembles a government is a group of people they called “Administrators”. These “Administrators” are nothing more than the descendents of administrative staff sent there 200 years ago. All of them live in Mars Station 1, a station built from Earth’s initiative and resources.

As rulers, these “Administrators” are extremely weak. After more than 200 years of development they do not even have a single professional soldier! All they have done was set up some trading rules and most of the time they are engaged in their own business activities. This is totally unethical. Just imagine if the rulers are themselves so preoccupied in their greed, what do you expect from the people? Their whole society is a literal manifestation of the power of greed.
Without the establishment of Law at the Asteroid Belt, the people there can literally do what they want. The only real development they have achieved is in space technology. Today, they can build better ships than we do.
Combine this “freedom” with greed and their access to superior technology. The result will be our greatest fear - Space-Age Vikings. Some may argue that they have been trading peacefully with us for the past centuries, so what is the threat? If we use history as our guide, then we can predict that it is only a matter of time they will leverage on their superior space technology to raid our planet and demand tributes. Even today we know that our agricultural products are in huge demand at the Belt. The question now is when will they stop trading and start demanding for them.
Can we initiate peaceful negotiation with them? The answer depends on which “them” are we referring to. We can talk to the “Administrators” but these guys don’t have any control over their people. In our last count, there are about 200 million groupings or companies there. Each has the potential to launch raids on us.
What shall we do?
The outcome is clear. We need to bring order to these people. Let us reinsert that this is not a call to war. This is rational respond. We can see very clearly around us that even without violence, they are bankrupting our industries and causing brain drain from our planet.
Our proposal is as follow:
  1. Authorize ISA to extend the UN’s interest to the Asteroid Belt.
  2. Initiate a standing professional space army and administrators to bring order.
  3. Design and built a fleet of battle ships.
  4. Establish tax system to pay for the above cost.

We would like to remind everyone that this is the best time to act. Right now, they are still a scattered group with no full time soldiers and not a single battle ship. We cannot afford to give them time to start one. We cannot afford to do nothing.


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